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EU regulatory changes are accelerating the growth of smart charging solutions business models by opening up a direct dynamic pathway between Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and utilities. Don’t get left behind! Reach new markets, drive new revenue streams, and scale at speed across Europe with re.alto. 

Top electric vehicle and charge point data APIs on our marketplace

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Charge point data


Eco-Movement is the leading data platform for charge point locations and provides the most complete and accurate dynamic data available in Europe to help EV drivers find the best charging locations. With more than 250,000 charging points currently in the database, Eco-Movement brings together data from every (semi-) public charge point in Europe in a single feed.  

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Mobility data


Smartcar provides the first car API for mobility applications, allowing car owners to share their vehicle data with developers. The Smartcar API set includes an API for EV charging services, allowing charging networks and applications to monitor and manage their customers’ EVs, as well as APIs for car sharing with digital car keys and personalised insurance policies based on mileage and driving behaviour. 

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Dynamic tariffs


Octopus is a British power retailer with a digital-first approach, pioneering dynamic tariffs and a core focus on sustainability. The Octopus API includes the functionality for browsing products, pricing and tariffs, determining the grid-supply-point (GSP) for a UK postcode and retrieving details about a UK electricity meter point. 

Smart charging e-mobility use cases



  • Reach a new CPO market at scale and speed with the development of dynamic rate smart charging electricity products 
  • Streamline the go-to-market sales process by leveraging a fully digital end-to-end B2B channel 
  • Promote your products and tariffs on one central platform for greater market visibility aligned directly to CPO needs 


  • Lower your energy costs by accessing fully transparent all-in dynamic rates and local pricing information in one place 
  • Scale with true flexibility with the choice of digital products from your preferred supplier for each new site through one central platform without the expensive administration costs  
  • Promote your rates and connect directly with multiple Mobility Service Providers in a digital ecosystem  

Charge pole manufacturer/CPO SaaS provider:

  • Centralise your integration with third party devices, including batteries and electric vehicles, in one place for greater operational efficiency 
  • Develop smarter products by combining your solution with external data sources such as market information and weather forecasts 
  • Accelerate product development and test new ideas with our data and service streams 

Wind SCADA data


Smart charging e-mobility


Weather forecasting data


Spot market pricing


Smart meter access


Energy monitoring 2.0

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