Connect with electric vehicle and charge point data via APIs

Optimise your smart charging solutions with API led applications. 

re.alto Mobility APIs

EU regulatory changes are accelerating the growth of smart charging solutions business models by opening up a direct dynamic pathway between Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and utilities. Don’t get left behind! Reach new markets, drive new revenue streams, and scale at speed across Europe with re.alto.


Charge point data (Eco-Movement)

Eco-Movement is the leading data platform for charge point locations and provides the most complete and accurate dynamic data available in Europe to help EV drivers find the best charging locations. With more than 250,000 charging points currently in the database, Eco-Movement brings together data from every (semi-) public charge point in Europe in a single feed.

Mobility data

If you are interested in EV data, please reach out to us about our Connect product.

Near real time electric vehicle data (re.alto Connect)

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Charge pole manufacturer/CPO SaaS provider

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Remove the frustration building innovative data-driven products with simple and cost effective access to a host of energy related data streams via APIs or managed API solutions.


Built by experts for non experts, re.alto products have been built with simplicity in mind. You don't need to be an expert to work with re.alto.


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