Get the APIs you need for rapid development of dynamic energy websites and apps

We connect buyers with API providers on a marketplace dedicated to European energy data and services.

Get It Done With Us

We reduce the complexity, resource, time and money otherwise spent finding the right APIs for your applications.


Easy API discovery

Easily discover data sources to enrich any design Get an overview of the types of data sources, the licenses and costs at the click of a button, enabling you to create & deliver fast, accurate quotes to clients.

Simple API subscription process to get access to the data

Makes life far easier thanks to a straightforward subscription process to access data sets, with an array of online tools spanning areas such as consent management to analytics.

Standardised API in REST format

Get energy data in standardised API format with fully standardised REST contractual documentation for faster integration and simple collaboration.

Finding the right energy APIs doesn’t have to be hard

Get fast access to data sets to build innovative products and services at lower cost and higher speed.


You need energy data such as weather forecasting, renewable energy production, day-ahead or real time market prices, but sourcing and integrating this data within your product is hampered by a lack of industry digitalisation and clarity on costs and usage rights.


You find working with energy clients such as traders, energy communities and utilities designing digital products challenging and expensive.

You want a data partner that provides a new agile process to connect easily to the energy data you’ve been searching for.


As a web or app developer working with energy clients, the re.alto marketplace supports all your data needs.


Find the data and services you need to transform your business in our marketplace for digital energy data, delivered via APIs.  Search, discover, and use standardised APIs from a wide range of energy related data sets easily and quickly.

  • Weather
  • Wind generation
  • Solar generation
  • Energy pricing data
  • SCADA Data
  • IOT Data
  • E-mobility
  • News Data
  • Smart Meter Data
  • Battery/Storage Data
  • Analytics Services
  • Grid Data

Why re.alto


Remove the frustration building innovative data-driven products with simple and cost effective access to a host of energy related data streams via APIs or managed API solutions.


Built by experts for non experts, re.alto products have been built with simplicity in mind. You don't need to be an expert to work with re.alto.


One central hub to manage your products & subscriptions from one place, with transparent reporting and analytics, contract management, billing and transactions.