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You’re a company looking to integrate data or digital service streams into your business, products and/or services faster and at much lower cost.


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Find the APIs needed to support your business needs on the re.alto Marketplace.  Choose from a large pool of energy services & products via APIs, including, weather, wind generation, solar generation, energy pricing data, e-mobility, smart meter data, SCADA data, grid data, and more.


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Can’t find the APIs (data/digital services) you need?  No problem! Join our consulting program and we’ll scour the market for exactly what you need.


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Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, it’s easy to subscribe.  Simply click ‘Subscribe’ to create your account for instant access!  Contracts are instantly, securely, & digitally managed for you.


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Once you’ve subscribed to an API, you’ll receive two authentication keys accessible via your dashboard to enable you to connect and integrate the API into your product and/or service.


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Instant ability to build innovative products and services at lower cost and higher speed.  re.alto enables you to scale faster.

  • One portal to manage all API subscriptions
  • One central payment platform
  • Standard API documentation
  • API Standardisation
  • Transparency

How to summary

  1. Discover APIs
  2. Optional consultation
  3. Create account & subcribe to APIs
  4. Access your dashboard for access keys
  5. Build products & services and scale your business fast!