re.alto Go-To-Market Package

We'll get your energy data products on the map

You have energy data or digital products, but need help to promote it or make ready for consumption.

How it works

Step one

Free 30 minute consult

Book a free 30 minute talk with one of our re.alto experts for a deeper insight into how developing an API product marketing strategy can drive engagement with your customers, add value to your business, and increase revenues. Get:

  • An introduction to how digital products are shaping the energy world
  • How your data or product could be marketed
  • A walk through the next steps

Step two

3 hour Discovery Workshop

If you decide to go ahead with the next steps, your journey continues with a deep-dive into your business, commercial needs, products and resources in a 3 hour Discovery Workshop. At the end you will understand  how your data can best generate added value for you  with a  bespoke digital product strategy comprising:

  • Understand how your data or service can generate added value
  • How to build your API(s) to bring your product to market
  • Define the strategy to ensure your product stays always on top

Step three

Digital Product Creation

With a digital strategy in place, your API is built to bring your product to market and launch it on the re.alto marketplace. You will receive:

  • An API to deliver your data or service to customers
  • All the necessary documentation to describe and promote your product
  • The Pricing Model appropriate for the product/data/service to maximise your returns
  • A set of Terms and Conditions

Step four

Marketing and Scaling

Once your product is launched on the re.alto marketplace, our team of experts will continue to support you on the journey. By:

  • Adding new functionality to your digital product to ensure it stays at the leading edge
  • Keeping your product front of mind with your target audience
  • Matchmaking you with the right consumers

Get guided by experts to bring your data, service or product to market.

Who is it for?

Energy Data Resources