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re.alto selected for European Energy Data Access pilot

re.alto is delighted to announce that it has been selected as one of a small group of organisations to take part in a pan-European pilot scheme aiming to illustrate the value of smart meter data access within the energy sector.

The pilot is being run by a group of leading European grid operators, including Elering, Europe’s foremost developer of digital energy solutions that use consumer meter data. The scheme aims to demonstrate the innovation potential for consent-based access to metering data from both enterprises and private consumers.

Applications to join the pilot were encouraged from businesses with a unique service, project or business model which uses cross-border metering data from at least two countries.  The re.alto marketplace for digital energy products and services, delivered via APIs, connects providers and users from across the energy data economy in order to accelerate digital transformation in the industry.

re.alto will be joined on the European Energy Data Access Pilot by Siemens, FlexiDAO, WePower, Critical Software, Elertis, DEXMA, Sunly, Greenbird and R8 Technologies.

Each organisation will be granted access to the ‘Sandbox’ environment of Estfeed’s data exchange platform, a solution created by Elering, where mock metering data from different countries is provided in cooperation with other European grid operators.

Projects from each organisation involved in the pilot will develop and test access to the data with a view to developing smart energy services and solutions. Activity will kick off at the end of May through virtual online meetings, where the agenda, action plan, technical integration process and work procedures will be introduced for each project.

Sam Warburton, re.alto’s CEO, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen to take part in Elering’s Energy Data Access pilot. We all share a common goal of harmonising energy data access across Europe, unlocking innovation and driving growth towards a smarter, low-carbon system. We’re very excited to be a part of this initiative!”

Kaija Valdmaa, Estfeed Product Owner, commented: “We are happy to announce the winners that were selected by an international committee of seven representatives of European grid operators and will be carried out during 2020.The 10 selected projects stood out by being orientated to market integration, increasing competition with new products and services and empowered the consumer in the energy market. They are also solving important market barriers and can be successfully implemented in 3-6 months. We appreciate all who participated in the European Energy Data Access Pilots 2020 competition, and congratulations to the winners!”

Together with other European grid operators, Elering is looking to establish a European Energy Data Bridge Alliance, with the aim of lowering data access barriers and harmonising energy data access throughout Europe.

A full overview of the pilot schemes can be