For an open sustainable and connected energy world, full of opportunities and free from complexities. 


We want to facilitate the access to information and the transaction of digital services for and between our clients by providing the platform and the added-value features with which to build “Energy as a Service” applications.  We will reduce complexity for the end consumer and contribute to the construction of a truly consumer centric energy sector in Europe. We deliver reliable and transparent services / products to accelerate new business models.

Dream big

Building the future

Energy is changing. Driven by the energy transition and consumer expectations the energy sector is becoming increasingly complex.
Digital holds the key to building an efficient and decarbonised energy sector, sparking the creation of new business models and propelling companies forward through the development of new technology.


re.alto is the first European digital marketplace for energy data and services. We were founded in 2019 by the Elia Group, our core investor, to enable the exchange of energy data through an innovative API platform, the first of its kind in the energy industry. Since then, we have also developed our Connect product.
Based in Belgium, the re.alto team brings together a unique combination of industry experience and knowledge from across the energy and technology sectors. We are on a mission to accelerate the digital revolution by making reliable data accessible to all across the energy value chain.

Elia Group comprises of: Elia Transmission Belgium (Belgian TSO), 50Hertz (German TSO), and Elia Grid International (EGI).

How it all started.

Meet the re.alto team!

Conrad Tuytte


Serial entrepreneur with a focus on innovative start-ups

Dieter Jong

MD & Sales Lead

Background in leading small energy companies

Luc Roijen

MD, Head of Development & Software Architect

Full stack developer specialising in Angular, .NET 5.0 and anything to do with the Azure platform

Peter Philips

Head of Operations

Operations driver for tech startups, passionate about bringing innovative ICT services to customers

Manoel Rekinger

Account Manager & Business Development

Multidisciplinary energy expert, who is passionate about the energy transition and simply wants to create a better world for his daughter to grow up in

Lenny Kraaijenhof

Product Owner

Passionate about delivering digital products, leveraging a technical background in the role of Product Owner

Daniel Adolphs

Full Stack Developer

Background in IT consulting with deep knowledge of azure platforms, Angular, as well as .NET 5.0

Xavier Gallez

Software Engineer

Background in HPC, full stack and cross-platform software development with focus on the .NET platform

Finn Porter

Software Engineer

Background in webapp development. Business minded developer specialising in anything to do with .NET

Laura Camarasan

.Net Developer Consultant

.Net developer with a background in IT consulting

Georgian Camarasan

.NET Full Stack Engineer

.NET full stack engineer with experience in React and Angular

Camelia Bodnar

Software Development Consultant

Full stack developer specialising in .NET and React

Liviu Mândraș Iura

.Net & Azure Engineer

Specialist in architecting and building .NET microservices in Azure

Katie Victoria Benton

Sales & Marketing Executive

Sales and marketing executive and copywriter

Energy Data Resources