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Data as a Service products for near real-time data access

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re.alto Connect

Our Data Engine

re.alto Connect


Capture data from a large variety of data sources and devices


Let us handle device provision, end-user management, reporting, and more


Data cleansing, standardisation, and storage in a compliant data lake and database

re.alto Connect


Gain insights with third-party solutions such as trust service, analytics providers, and forecasting services 


Abstract calculations like historical averages, load profiles, aggregations, and more

re.alto Connect


A simple-to-use API interface. Available in REST and GraphQL standards

re.alto Connect Metering

Connect Metering

Access near real-time Smart Meter Data. Get retrofit solutions for access to near real-time energy consumption & meter data.
re.alto Connect Mobility

Connect Mobility

Access direct electric vehicle data. Get a direct API to the main car brands in Europe specifically designed for smart charging use cases.
re.alto Connect Solar

Connect Solar

Aggregated solar inverter generation data. Get access to near real-time solar generation data directly from the inverter OEM.

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