Connect Solar

Aggregated solar inverter generation data

Get access to near real time solar generation data on a postal code granularity directly from the inverter OEM

Get instant and accurate look at all installations at once.

Who is it for?

Energy traders 

Solar energy is one of the most influencial parameters in your imbalance costs. Detect anomalies quickly, and balance your portfolio whenever your forecast deviates. 90% of your imbalance costs are made in less then 10% of the time. Make sure you don’t miss the window of opportunity.  

Distribution grid operators 

Solar energy is increasingly penetrating the low voltage networks. Detect local area voltage problems quickly and serve your customers before they become aware of the issue.  

Transmission system operators 

Keep track of the solar energy ramp up in your grids to support your dispatch decisions. Fuel your solar forecasts with the most accurate and reliable data source available.  

Energy monitoring systems 

Benchmark the solar generation of your client against the local area he is active in. Identify local or grid related problems and inform your customer accordingly.  

Local energy community 

Consume renewable energy locally as it is produced in your area. Keep track of solar generation on a postal code level. 

(Local) authorities 

Keep track of the renewable energy generation and CO2 savings in your area. Support the energy transition locally by providing a direct feedback loop to your citizens.  

What is it?


A Fully Managed Solution

One single point of contact for administration, settlement, maintenance and operations. We handle everything upstream such as release management, process quality control and data standardisation.


Data without privacy concerns

Free from privacy complexity, untraceable to the end-user, yet sufficiently granular to elevate your business process to the next level.


Simple Data Access

Data through our solution is accessible through a web API interface using RESTful and GraphQL standards. Our endpoints are intuitive and easy to integrate saving developer effort and onboarding costs.



5 min updated data, post-processed for optimal operational comfort, growing as the PV market scales in accordance to your preferences.

Insights and Reporting

Get near real time insights to clean your solar forecasting from any local or one-time events, or detect operational issues fast  when they occur and are resolved.


Flexible to Your Needs

Our solution is modular and customizable to your needs. With re.alto’s network of partners, we can handle requirements such as device provision, 3rd party analytics, and data trust/verification.

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