Significantly increase your forecast accuracy with near real-time inverter data

With re.alto Connect build solutions that connect directly with the inverter

Power your portfolio management solution with Connect and scale faster

re.alto connects and processes the data of 1000’s of energy assets – Electric vehicles,  Solar, Meters, Heat pumps, Batteries

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Data access without additional hardware.

Scheduled or real-time steering and control of assets.

Near real-time & historical data.

Easy asset management.

Harmonised & standardised data across all OEMs.

Simple rights & consent management.

Your solution

Simply connect to Connect with one simple integration and get direct access to all energy assets and data.

re.alto Connect - Enabling Smart Energy Trading Solutions

Build solutions that significantly reduce imbalance costs

No hardware needed

Connect enables direct access to solar assets and processes the data in the cloud.

Remotely manage PV putput

Ability to control power output energy prices are negative.

Consent & rights management

Get asset owner consent with one simple digital journey

Near real-time data

Get faster forecast error detection with near real-time data.

Reduce your cost to serve

re.alto takes care of the connections, so you can focus on building your solution

From many

New costly set-up for every new asset.

Hundreds of manufacturers, dozens of protocols, and many different data standards.

To one!

Add & remove assets as needed with a simple tick of a box!

One communication protocol, one standard, one simple universal API

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Facilitating your biggest needs

User stories - reduce your imbalance costs

1. Energy trader

Daniel trades energy, he’s done it for most of his career. Over the past years renewable energy growth has pushed balancing costs up. He wants to look around for a solution that can help him mitigate this cost.

2. Low invest in infrastructure

re.alto offers all the features he requires to connect directly to the inverter without the need for additional hardware. This allows him to easily keep track of his portfolio at a significantly reduced cost.

3. Reduce imbalance costs

Connect also enables him to quickly detect forecast errors, and balance his position on the intraday market.

And when energy prices go negative, he can reduce the power input of individual sites.

Why re.alto


Remove the frustration building innovative data-driven products with simple and cost effective access to a host of energy related data streams via APIs or managed API solutions.


Built by experts for non experts, re.alto products have been built with simplicity in mind. You don't need to be an expert to work with re.alto.


One central hub to manage your products & subscriptions from one place, with transparent reporting and analytics, contract management, billing and transactions.


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