Access Near Real-Time Smart Meter Data

Get retrofit solutions for access to near real-time energy consumption & meter data*

*Even where smart meters haven’t been rolled out

A solution tailored to your needs

re.alto Connect Metering

Who is it for?

Energy community solutions

Optimise local energy consumption and production and enable peer-to-peer energy models

Energy management & monitoring

Get household and industrial customers engaged in their energy consumtion to really make a change

Flexibility solutions

Validate your portfolio’s flexibility & electricity consumption for grid balancing services

Wind & solar generation

Access head-meter production data for invoice comparison, PPA offtaker matchmaking, and guarantees of origin

Smart charging

Combine metering information with electric vehicle data, battery status, utility pricing, and grid data to build new services and business models

Traders and forecasting services

Ingest aggregated load data for near-real-time insights and increased algorithm accuracy

How does it work?

re.alto metering

We connect

green eye

Optical Sensors

Digitalise analogue meters
Green cloud

P1/S1 Dongles

Access digital meters from the cloud
Green smart meter

Smart Meters

Retrieve regulated metering data
Green API


Interface with energy management systems
Green file

CT Sensors

Pull granular power measurements
Green remote

Infrared Sensors

Transmit IR outputs from digital meters
Green house

Consumer Devices

Connect to in-home-displays and gateways
Green EV


Integrate EVs, batteries, solar PVs, heat-pumps

What is it?


A Fully Managed Solution

Whether you need regulated settlement data, highly specialised power measurements, or anything in between, we can take care of it. We handle everything upstream such as device provision (if needed), data integration and storage, and end-user onboarding and consent management.


Electricity Metering Data-as-a-Service

Predictable €/meter/year pricing, depending on your use-case and requirements.


Simple Data Access

Data through our solution is accessible through a web API interface using RESTful and GraphQL standards. Our endpoints are intuitive and easy to integrate saving developer effort and onboarding costs.



We standardise and unify data formats, post-process data, and abstract common metering calculations. For example daily historical averages, load profiles, aggregations, and so on.


Insights and Reporting

Get near-real-time insights into the performance and behaviour of the assets in your end-user base.


Flexible to Your Needs

Our solution is modular and customizable to your needs. With re.alto’s network of partners, we can handle requirements such as device provision, 3rd party analytics, and data trust/verification.

Or become a Provider

Providing your data & digital services via re.alto opens your business to new markets and opportunities

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