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What you’ll learn

APIs drive the digital transformation of energy. They are the very building blocks upon which a more efficient and sustainable energy system can be built. API connectivity opens the door to a smarter flow of information through the energy value chain, offering a streamlined approach to making data, digital products and services available at scale.

Energy as a Service

What you’ll learn

The energy sector is seeing the emergence of new customer-centric and technology-enabled business models – Energy-as-a-Service – fuelled by digitalisation and data and supported by the platform approach of a digital marketplace.

Smart meter data

What you’ll learn

With its behavioural patterns and consumption metrics, smart meter data is a valuable source of information with benefits which stretch across the electricity supply chain. It enables network owners to balance grid load, allows utilities to better forecast demand based on behavioural profiling and offers greater control to the consumer over their own supply in real-time.

Market intelligence & pricing data

What you’ll learn

A consistent flow of accurate real-time market data, such as spot and forward market pricing, is indispensable across the energy value chain. For energy traders, who buy and sell energy for a living, to the customers and partners of pioneering utilities who offer dynamic tariffs, this market intelligence is critical for streamlined operations. But until now, sourcing and integrating multiple streams of comprehensive pricing data, particularly cross-border, has been a huge challenge.


Data consent management

What you’ll learn

Where there’s data, there are always considerations to be made around privacy, consent and ethics. These are challenging areas that simply cannot be ignored, and our Data Consent and Management hub is here to talk you through these complexities that exist with energy data.

Renewable energy data

What you’ll learn

The surge in renewables production is seen as the promising path towards a zero-carbon future but brings challenges around complex integration with legacy grid systems and the maintenance of a delicate balance between supply and demand. Access to accurate real-time renewables data is the key for greater operational efficiencies and development of a smarter, more efficient system.


What you’ll learn

As EV technology matures, e-mobility now plays a key role in the connected energy IoT ecosystem and demonstrates the vast potential for digital synergy between the energy and transportation sectors in the pursuit of a greener future. We’re seeing the exciting emergence of an interconnected ecosystem where the innovation possibilities are extraordinary.


re.alto news

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News, updates, information and insight from re.alto. From interviews with the re.alto team members to updates on our projects and pilot schemes, you’ll find it in our re.alto news hub.