Energy API hub

In our energy API hub we take you through the fundamentals of APIs in energy and other industries.  Find out how to connect with energy data via APIs. Reach new audiences, and generate new revenue streams. And understand the value of an API marketplace with our case studies.

API basics

What you’ll learn

Simple guides will take you through the basics of an API and help you create and monetising your own energy data via APIs.

Energy APIs

What you’ll learn

Read about the value of the API economy for innovation and collaboration in energy. And find more detail about the benefits of an API marketplace and APIs in energy.

re.alto API help documentation

What you’ll learn

Information about the re.alto marketplace and more. Including which API formats are supported, how you can subscribe to an API and the documentation you’ll need.

re.alto API marketplace case studies

What you’ll learn

Read about how re.alto partners benefit from making their APIs available on the API marketplace. From the creation of a new revenue streams to enabling growth at scale.