Get energy consumption and smart meter data access via APIs

Access household electricity consumption data easily and securely via APIs.

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Access smart meter data securely over APIs to enable greater customer insights, streamline your data acquisition, or fuel innovative digital applications. 

Top smart meter and energy consumtion data APIs on our marketplace

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Energy metering data


Estfeed is the first highly secure platform for exchanging private energy metering data between Data Providers and Data Users with the consent of Data Owner. Estfeed is designed and operated by Elering AS, the Estonian transmission system operator (TSO). 

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Products, pricing and tariffs


Octopus is a British power retailer with a digital-first approach, pioneering dynamic tariffs and a core focus on sustainability. The Octopus API includes the functionality for browsing products, pricing and tariffs, determining the grid-supply-point (GSP) for a UK postcode and retrieving details about a UK electricity meter point. 

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Near real-time consumption and meter data

re.alto Connect

re.alto now also offers an API solution that provides retrofit packages for access to near real-time energy consumption & meter data.


  • Fully Managed Solution
  • Unified data formats and aggregations
  • Powerful REST & GraphQL APIs
  • Insights and Reporting
  • Flexible to Your Needs

Smart meter data use cases


  • Access smart meter data to create the next-generation smart energy application or build a new energy community
  • For homeowners, connect your home energy devices together in a smart management system to better manage your usage and costs 
  • Enable rapid, scalable innovation through simple, secure access to smart meter data direct from source 

Energy monitoring and management

  • Add value for your clients by offering smart meter data on your monitoring platform 
  • Expand your products and services into new territories and markets  
  • Standardise your data acquisition and reduce integration costs  

Suppliers and utilities

  • Obtain valuable insight into customer behaviour and demand through smart meter data analysis to streamline your operations  
  • Deliver digital flexible billing direct to customers to shorten the settlement cycle  
  • Develop personalised services and apps based entirely on data-driven preferences, adding value to customers and increasing engagement  

We also offer retrofit solutions for access to near real-time consumption & meter data

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Simple Billing and Transactions

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Reporting and Analytics

Monitor and manage API usage and API subscriptions in your account portal.


Digital contract management

Contract management between provider and consumer is taken care of with a click of a button.  No more complex bureaucracy.