Connect Mobility

Enable smart charging directly from the car

Get a direct API to the main car brands in Europe specifically designed for smart charging use cases.

One interface to control them all!

Who is it for?

Energy retailers

Lower your clients bill by providing smart charging services to lower their peak consumption or increase their auto consumption.  

Grid operators

Get an accurate view on the charging patterns and their evolution in time on your local network.  

Energy traders

Follow aggregated charging demand profiles to detect major trends that influence the wholesale market. See consumption peaks coming up before they actually hit.  

Energy monitoring solutions

Connect the charging information of your clients’ car to your energy monitoring solution.  

Leasing companies

Settle the energy of the leasing vehicles directly in B2B and avoid VAT recovery issues.  

Battery analysts

Monitor battery degradation over a large fleet of vehicles in various conditions.  

How does it work?

re.alto Connect Mobility

What is it?


A Fully Managed Solution

One single point of contact for administration, settlement, consent, maintenance and operations. We handle everything upstream such as release management, data integration, data storage, end-user onboarding and car model management.


Mobility Data-as-a-Service

Predictable €/car/month pricing depending on your use-case and requirements

Simple Data Access

Data through our solution is accessible through a web API interface using RESTful and GraphQL standards. Our endpoints are intuitive and easy to integrate saving developer effort and onboarding costs.



We standardise and unify car connectivity to energy related use cases for easy plug & play usage. We handle the individual car issues, so you can focus on your product development to capture the value with every car.

Insights and Reporting

Get near-real-time insights into the performance and behaviour of the assets in your end-user base.


Flexible to Your Needs

Our solution is modular and customizable to your needs. With re.alto’s network of partners, we can handle requirements such as device provision, 3rd party analytics, and data trust/verification.

Smart integration of electric vehicles into the energy grid is a must have for a sustainable society.

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