Enrich your energy monitoring solution with European wide energy monitoring data

Leveraging new data sources allows you to expand the range of energy monitoring services you provide to your customers, adding value and maximising engagement.

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For both residential and commercial energy management systems, data-driven insight enables more accurate monitoring, greater cost efficiencies and an intelligent approach to decision-making.  

Top energy monitoring APIs on our marketplace

re.alto weather data

Solar data


Founded in 2010, Solargis provides data to optimise the construction, evaluation and management of solar power assets, as well as maximising profitability for investors. The Solargis API offers some of the most accurate and reliable solar data in the market today.  

re.alto weather data

Weather and environmental data


Meteomatics delivers fast and simple access to an extensive range of global weather and environmental data. Its weather API offers a single entry point to a vast range of highly accurate data from global weather forecasts to local observations. 

re.alto market pricing data

Market data


EMP is a leading global energy and commodity market intelligence provider, with a focus on digitising the energy market landscape. The EMP API provides market data for spot and forward prices across Europe and other world regions.  

re.alto market pricing data

Pan-European and market intelligence

Energy Quantified

Energy Quantified is a leading provider of high-quality pan-European data and market intelligence, setting the standard for modelling and forecasting of the short-term power market.  

re.alto weather data

Weather, market, production and consumption


Based in Sweden, Greenlytics brings together data science, meteorology and energy. It provides weather, market, production and consumption data to enable companies in the power market to lower costs and increase profitability.  

re.alto market pricing data

Grid data


Elia, as transmission system operator, provides near-realtime wind & solar production, as well as forecasts, for Belgium to facilitate balance responsible parties in their efforts to maintain a balanced portfolio between supply and demand.  

Energy monitoring use cases

Energy Monitor Provider

  • Add value for your clients by offering services such as solar panel benchmarking, energy market prices or IoT sensor connectivity on your monitoring platform 
  • Integrate multiple high quality data products from secure sources through one API gateway 
  • Avoid expensive reseller contracts by contractually linking your customers directly to the data source provider  

Industrial Consumers and Facility Managers

  • Integrate market pricing information with existing data from your monitoring platform for more informed operational decisions  
  • Reduce your integration costs by going directly to the data source, not through an IT provider 

Home Owners

  • Integrate solar forecasting with your home energy management system to monitor the performance of your solar panels 
  • Keep up to date with energy prices and tariffs to capitalise on the best times to charge your EV 
  • Get the best out of your energy management system by incorporating reliable consistent data sources from one platform 

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