Use cases

Energy data, API, and digital product access use cases.

Wind SCADA data

Wind turbine SCADA data has a range of operational benefits, enabling cost-effective preventative maintenance, accurate forecasting based on actual output.

Energy monitoring 2.0

Enrich your monitoring platform experience by adding more services for your customer. Reduce the cost of integrating with the data source of your choice by buying the right access yourself instead of via your IT provider.



Spot market pricing

Access spot market pricing data for the wholesale electricity market from a wide range of energy price APIs on the re.alto marketplace. 



Weather forecasting

Get access to a broad range of standardised weather forecast packages – from temperature and humidity to wind speed and irradiation data – all tailor-made to the energy sector. 

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Smart charging electric vehicles

Don’t get left behind in a rapidly changing e-mobility sector. Reach new markets, drive new revenue streams, scale at speed across Europe with the smartest charging strategy.  

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Smart meter access

Access metering data securely over API to enable greater customer insights, streamline your data acquisition, or fuel innovative digital applications.


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