Get improved weather forecast data access via APIs

re.alto offers access to a broad range of standardised weather forecast packages – from temperature and humidity to wind speed and irradiation data – all tailormade to the energy sector. 

A simple discovery and API integration process delivers maximum agility in a complex market, enabling forecast sources to be matched to constantly changing portfolio needs.


Solar data (Solargis)

Founded in 2010, Solargis provides data to optimise the construction, evaluation and management of solar power assets, as well as maximising profitability for investors. The Solargis API offers some of the most accurate and reliable solar data in the market today.

Weather and environmental data (Meteomatics)

Meteomatics delivers fast and simple access to an extensive range of global weather and environmental data. Its weather API offers a single entry point to a vast range of highly accurate data from global weather forecasts to local observations.

Modelling & forecasting data (Energy Quantified)

Energy Quantified is a leading provider of high-quality pan-European data and market intelligence, setting the standard for modelling and forecasting of the short-term power market.

Who is it for?

Energy Trader or Grid Operator

Power generator (renewables)

Analytics, modelling and forecasting

Why re.alto


Remove the frustration building innovative data-driven products with simple and cost effective access to a host of energy related data streams via APIs or managed API solutions.


Built by experts for non experts, re.alto products have been built with simplicity in mind. You don't need to be an expert to work with re.alto.


One central hub to manage your products & subscriptions from one place, with transparent reporting and analytics, contract management, billing and transactions.