Add your APIs and sell digital energy services on the re.alto energy API Marketplace

Find new partners and developers from one easy to use channel for energy APIs and data.


Business with data

You’re a company with energy related data and/or digital services and you want to find easy & efficient ways to promote and sell it.


Create account

Get started by creating an account and deciding what energy data or digital services via API(s) you’d like to upload. – If you have data & digital services to provide but no API yet, we’ll work with you to get you started.


Upload information

To upload your API, we’ll need information such as product description, pricing details, usage terms & conditions, technical documentation and a product licence. This can be done easily by you through your online portal, or by the re.alto team.


Manage listings

You’ll be notified when new users request access to your product(s) or if there are any changes to existing user subscriptions. You can set permissions and manage your API pricing, and we’ll take care of things like invoicing for you.


Usage & analytics

You’ll have access to a full reporting analytics dashboard for an overview of your products, enabling you to track and monitor your data and regulate its usage in one place – you’re the one in control.


Earn revenue

Registering and providing your data & digital services via APIs on the re.alto marketplace enables you to expand your reach and find a broader range of partners and developers from one easy to use channel.

re.alto energy API Provider features


  • API monitoring dashboard
  • Standardization via REST API
  • Digital contract management process
  • New channel to monetize your API in EU
  • One central payment platform (billing and invoicing)
  • Expose your digital assets to new audiences
  1. Visit API Marketplace
  2. Create an account
  3. Upload your info
  4. Manage listings
  5. Monitor usage
  6. Earn revenue