Access publicized European wide wind SCADA data

Few wind farm owners currently activate the revenue stream that can be generated from sharing wind turbine SCADA data. For owners, monetising asset production data can counter decreasing PPA revenue caused by price cannibalisation, while for consumers, integrating the data unlocks wide-ranging commercial opportunities.   

re.alto wind SCADA data


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Wind SCADA data is ideal for:

re.alto energy trading

Energy trader and wind forecaster 

  • Improve accuracy of renewables forecasting by measuring actual output for a balanced portfolio and secure grid conditions 
  • Broaden visibility of the wider wind market outside of your existing portfolio by integrating multiple API interfaces through one platform 
re.alto Forward market pricing

Digital O&M and analytics services  


  • Obtain greater insight into areas such as condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and benchmarking 
  • Access data to train machine-learning algorithms  
  • Support research and development programmes for fast-track innovation of new products and services 
re.alto grid

Grid operator 

  • Get real time power and power quality data directly from the individual turbines instead of generic delayed head meter data 
  • Gain insight into individual turbine control strategies and behaviour 
  • Access turbines in neighbouring grids that impact your operations  

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