Software Engineer

Full remote, based in Europe (CET/CEST +0 till +2): Belgium, Germany; Portugal, Romania, Poland, it’s all good.

re.alto is a startup originating from the Elia Group, TSO in Belgium and Germany. In 2020, we launched our Marketplace for the exchange of data and services in the energy sector. Currently, we’re working on our Connect product, facilitating data exchange and connectivity for energy devices.
Our initial focus is on the B2B players active in renewable energy generation and home energy management in Germany, United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands and Belgium. No matter what electrical vehicle is charging, what solar panel, batteries or energy meter is installed, we’re connecting all brands and types, normalising, aggregating, steering. On the other end we connect with optimization services, facilitate onboarding and consent management processes, provide dashboarding and alerting. We’re a data backbone for energy devices so to say. Our product pages and our documentation might give you a good idea of where we’re at.
This is where you come in: as a part of our lean engineering team you’re connecting new devices and creating new features. We take pride in having complete overview of our product delivery, taking responsibility from developing concepts, architecting solutions, taking security and data privacy considerations into account, automatic testing, built-in documentation, building and most of all shipping software. That might sound daunting, but we work as a team, playing on each other’s strength and facilitating knowledge exchange where we still might need to grow.

What you get to do

  • building software. This is the big one: there’s still a lot of features to build, emerging bugs to squash, devices to connect. We’re serious about delivering value each Sprint, and celebrate when we can connect a new device type or see a new part of our solution used by customers.
  • improve developer happiness. Manual testing is a chore. Staying up until midnight to deploy new solutions is too. Integrating automation in our toolchain helps us to deliver software more reliable and quickly. We’re automating regression, load and penetration testing and creating great CI/CD processes. Sharpening the saw keeps you and your colleagues delighted.
  • educating & learning. Do you know all about Cucumber or are you an expert on zero-downtime redeployment? We’d love to learn more. Feel like you’re behind on Azure Stream Analytics or are timeseries databases not yet in your toolchain? We’ll make sure you grow through our knowledge.
  • architect & explore. We’re fusing new technologies; IoT, microservices, event-driven architecture, plugins for business-specific extensions in an emerging ecosystem, a novel timeseries database. This means we analyse new requirements critically to see which moving parts would have to change, explore opportunities to solve multiple problems with elegant architectural solutions.
  • empathize & understand. Only when we comprehend what the market needs we can create solutions that truly address underlying challenges. Ask critical questions and listen to sales, marketing, product, stakeholders and users for input.

About you

We’re looking for a 50% fit with for what we ask. The other 50% is a surprise to us, it’s the magic you bring to the table. That is, if you’re a strong match on .NET Core or on Azure but you haven’t worked with event-driven architecture yet, that’s not a problem. Similarly, if behavior driven development and cloud is your bread and butter, but it just wasn’t with Microsoft’s toolchain, we’re pretty sure you’ll get along great.


Hard skills

Some technical components we’d be curious to know your experience with:

  • Language: C# .NET Core 5, Angular/Typescript.
  • Environment: Azure; Functions, Apache Kafka and Event Hubs, API Management, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code with ARM, Active Directory.
  • Storage: CosmosDB, SQL & InfluxDB.
  • Etcetera: Cucumber, Swagger, Git


Soft skills

Non-functional requirements, if you will, of how we work:

    • clear communication, spoken and written. Crisp and concise ways of formulating your ideas and opinions.  Excellent English. You will find people with whom you can exchange in German, Dutch and French as well, but English is the company language.
    • you’re inspired by the energy transition and want to contribute to it, hands on. Making a difference is our shared mission.
    • co-leadership, co-ownership. We’re not looking for team managers but for somebody who wants to grow their personal skills and knowledge in a fast and dynamic international team, take responsibility, steer and influence for what they feel is right.
    • embodiment of agile and lean values. People over processes. Code over documentation. Reducing waste by building minimum viable products first, and growing solutions as requirements evolve.
    • being a fully remote company, there’s a lot of responsibility on your shoulders for protecting your own boundaries, for keeping your drive. We value output over attendance. Transparency and honesty are important. We do try and meet every few months somewhere in Europe for some co-working days.

Our goal

re.alto was founded to help accelerate digitalisation within the European energy sector. As a society, we have the ambition to reduce our greenhouse emissions and impact on the planet. To achieve this, we are collectively changing how we consume energy and how energy is produced. Most notably, electric vehicles and the electrification of heating systems are on the rise. This, coupled with the transition towards more intermittent renewable energy sources (e.g. wind & solar), means that the existing electricity system will have to undergo a massive transformation. Near-real-time data and connectivity between different systems will become increasingly important in a grid system which has to balance renewable energy sources with changes in electricity consumption. Our mission at re.alto is to remove the complexity from this connectivity.

Work organisation & culture

We’re all working remotely, either from our home office or from co-working locations. We travel throughout Europe to engage with customers, partners and the rest of the team. Digitally, we facilitate rituals for team cohesion for starting and ending the work week, fun events like playing Codenames and Geoguessr.

Rather than a rule-based, our organisation is value based: we value transparency, focus, emotional attentiveness, respect and courage.

While we stand for equal opportunity, we strive for diversity. We strongly encourage women, neurodivergent people, people of color, and LGBTQ(+) people to apply. We consider applicants of all gender identities.


We’ll provide you with an attractive base salary, in combination with a variable part linked to the company performance. We’ll provide you with a laptop.
Please send your resume to

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