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Bridging the digital revolution by connecting reliable data across the energy value chain

Facilitate access to information

We facilitate access to information and the transaction of digital services for and between our clients by providing the platform and added-value features with which third parties can build their own
energy-as-a-service applications.

Reduce complexity

We reduce complexity for the end consumer and contribute to the construction of a truly consumer-centric energy sector in Europe. Whether you require reliable data from EVs, heat pumps or smart meters, our technology simplifies connectivity
to various devices and brands.

Accelerate new business models

As society electrifies, more businesses are seeing the opportunity to offer energy-related services in addition to their own product. We make it easier for any kind of business to integrate energy management solutions for individual consumers into their existing business models, making energy management a broad concept that your customers can get on top of any other service you already offer to them.

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We offer three versatile platforms to help organisations facilitate the exchange of energy data,
enable energy management and integrate solutions into their products.

re.alto Connect Platform

Connectivity to electric vehicles,
smart meters and heat pumps.

We connect you to devices that can be steered by your algorithm, and we provide the data to build your own energy-as-a-service applications.

We enable you to monitor and control energy appliances using their existing internet of things (IoT) connectivity. We provide connectivity to the end consumer with our focus on residential end-user applications or devices.

re.alto API Marketplace

An energy API marketplace for the exchange of energy data and services.

Access the energy data and services your business needs for transformation from a diverse range of energy APIs designed to suit your growing requirements.

Explore energy APIs that offer unique and specialised solutions to elevate your business' energy-related capabilities.

- Easy discovery and integration of energy-related API products
- Get solid API documentation and usage reports
- Scale your business with the right partners

re.alto Tariff Database

Access detailed retailer tariff data, including cost breakdowns for kW, kWh and fixed charges.

The Tariff Database provides information about retailer prices. It allows you to understand and measure energy savings through effective energy management and enables precise calculations of the savings realised for the end consumer.

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