January 2020

As a new company, it was important in the first months of re.alto to gain a little brand recognition and the first month of 2020 was all about going public with the branding, an informational website, and first pieces of content.

Click to see the first big brand reveal to the external world.  This is the logo before a very small change to colours a few months later.

Click to see the first website launched explaining product value proposition. But with no ability for the user to purchase, yet.


Click to see the first video we created,  explaining the ‘why’ of re.alto.  Why digitalise the energy sector!



!!First competition entry and WIN

We are absolutely delighted to announce that re.alto has been selected as winner of the ‘European Energy Data Access Pilots 2020’, along with Siemens, FlexiDAO, WePower, Critical Software, Elertis, DEXMA, Sunly, Greenbird and R8 Technologies.

Q2 2020 was full of ‘firsts’

Going public with the website in Q1 paid dividends very quickly.  With a number of APIs already on the marketplace we earned our first API subscriber in May.


First e-Book created and distributed to users

We got our very first subscription to an API

Dieter Jong  and our first speaking event – SPARK


Over 40 APIs

and partners on the marketplace by now




MSP launch


We refreshed and updated the website to reflect and represent the new updated version of the re.alto API marketplace.

At this launch our users needed to request access to see the APIs listed.  For many it was worth it! 

To reflect the journey so far we revisited our mission and vision statements, and took the opportunity to expand our team.  By now the re.alto team had grown by 100%!

Team offsite team building exercise – Wakeboarding and strategy workshops.



  • Launched the end to end digital journey so that users can sign up to the product andsubscribe to an API in one online journey
  • 2020 mascot introduced to the world via a series of teaser use-case videos
  • Our first live webinar, presented by Jean Pierre Hagen
  • Created a new white paper give away

With the introduction of a full end to end digital journey for the marketplace (so users can sign up to an API in a complete online process), we created a number of teaser videos and said hello to our 2020 mascot – she got us through!

See the series here


Jean Pierre Hagen presented our first live webinar, hosted on BrightTalk. 

It was part 1 of our re.alto ‘Talks’ series: “Realising the energy transition in times of change”

In this presentation we’ll cover the energy/electricity landscape in Europe today, the impact of COVID-19, the concept of the energy transition, and finally the roles that data & digitalisation play.

Watch all here


We wrote this white-paper to discuss the role of the API marketplace in driving down data acquisition costs and establishing new service-led business models.

Download here

250 registered users

on the Marketplace by now!

December 2019

December 2020


A year ago today we were huddled in one small team brainstorming pain-points, product fit, and potential markets.  Today we have a brand, a website, a product, customers, a growing community of interested parties, and enough success under our belt to have a product roadmap spanning the next two years. 


“It is the best time to be in the energy industry! APIs (Application programming) are the tissue of the emerging digital economy. They allow software to communicate with each other, and enable a business to create, scale or improve its own digital offering using data from another market party. re.alto offers a marketplace where business developers can find a variety of APIs to increase the value of their apps, be they B2B or aimed at an end consumer.

We facilitate the discovery of relevant APIs, handle the subscription process and provide a reliable and secure infrastructure to exchange the data. Thanks to our marketplace, market actors will be able to develop new products which directly address the needs of their clients very fast and at low cost.”


re.alto recently launched its full platform – from your conversations with key industry players, what’s the reaction been?

It has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve spoken to hundreds of companies now and almost every single introduction and demo to the API platform has been encouraging. It was a bit unexpected actually: you would expect at least a certain amount of pushback, but that hasn’t been the case. What’s been interesting to see is that when you have a physical product to show, rather than an abstract concept, the idea suddenly clicks. People immediately understand and start to see how the product can benefit them either directly or indirectly.


You’ve just launched the beta version of the re.alto marketplace. Can you explain briefly what it is?

The re.alto marketplace is a platform for the exchange of digital energy products (services and data), mostly in API format. The energy industry is following rapidly in the footsteps of other industries and embracing digital transformation. Our marketplace is enabling that change; it provides energy businesses with the digital means to greater collaboration and smarter information flow from one end of the value chain to the other.


You’ve been with re.alto since the beginning – can you give us an idea of how far the company has come since you joined?

A long way!  A year ago today we were huddled in one small team brainstorming pain-points, product fit, and potential markets.  Today we have a brand, a website, a product, customers, a growing community of interested parties, and enough success under our belt to have a product roadmap spanning the next two years.  To say I am proud to be part of re.alto really is an understatement.


What problem does re.alto solve for the industry?

The most common one is that in a world driven by renewables and volatile demand, the energy industry on nearly every level still relies on data that is usually at best 2 to 3 days old. It’s like driving your car by looking in your rear mirror. It just doesn’t make sense, particularly in this digital world when real-time data, or close enough, is easily available and we already have the processing power to directly translate it into information thanks to huge strides forward in AI.

The challenge is getting access to that data in the first place, not to mention a platform that allows you to click and play with partners that can enrich your operations on the fly. The world changes fast so you need to be able to add additional services to your product fast as well to stay ahead of the challenge. By doing so, you can continuously respond to your customers’ needs as they evolve.