re.alto energy fact sheet

Our goal at re.alto is to make it easier to discover, connect, and promote data products and services within the European energy sector.

We hope that in doing so we can accelerate the transition to a smarter and a sustainable energy system in the future.

As a consequence, we are building an energy data and services API marketplace with a public launch in summer 2020. For the following types of users, this offers:

Data and Service Providers

  • Market visibility and a new source of users and customers
  • Ability to monetize data and/or services which are available through an API
  • Monthly transaction statement + payout (for monetized APIs)
  • A re.alto provider portal which allows:
    • API usage monitoring, analytics, and access control
    • Managing (partial) API listings, endpoints, and supporting documentation
    • Profile settings (e.g company logo, description, etc)
    • Pricing settings, online contract management

Data and Service Users

  • Create innovative data-driven products, make smarter decisions, or gain value from digital services
  • One central hub enabling the easy discovery and integration of energy-related API products
  • Standardized data structures, solid API documentation, and testing environment
  • A re.alto user portal which allows:
    • Usage, reporting, and analytics
    • API subscription and token management
    • Centralised billing (if using pay-to-use APIs) and transaction statements

We are looking to work with businesses and organisations across the entire energy sector, including:

  • Market information (trading and pricing, balancing market, analytics companies)
  • Weather companies (forecasts, historical data, localised asset-level to aggregated country-level)
  • Residential & industrial (IoT, IIoT, smart meters, energy management & monitoring systems)
  • Renewables generation (solar and wind assets, monitoring systems, analytics service companies)
  • Suppliers (analytics companies, pricing info, software providers)
  • Traders (utilities, energy traders, banks, software providers)
  • E-mobility (car manufacturers, EV charging manufacturers and networks, software providers)
  • Grid system and network operators (generation and demand data, forecasts, system data)

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