Secure a trading advantage with improved weather forecasting

re.alto offers access to a broad range of standardised weather forecast packages – from temperature and humidity to wind speed and irradiation data – all tailormade to the energy sector. A simple discovery and API integration process delivers maximum agility in a complex market, enabling forecast sources to be matched to constantly changing portfolio needs.

re.alto energy

Top APIs

Solar data


Founded in 2010, Solargis provides data to optimise the construction, evaluation and management of solar power assets, as well as maximising profitability for investors. The Solargis API offers some of the most accurate and reliable solar data in the market today.

Weather & environmental data


Meteomatics delivers fast and simple access to an extensive range of global weather and environmental data. Its weather API offers a single entry point to a vast range of highly accurate data from global weather forecasts to local observations.

Modelling & forecasting data

Energy Quantified

Energy Quantified is a leading provider of high-quality pan-European data and market intelligence, setting the standard for modelling and forecasting of the short-term power market.

Weather & market data


Based in Sweden, Greenlytics brings together data science, meteorology and energy. It provides weather, market, production and consumption data to enable companies in the power market to lower costs and increase profitability.

Weather forecasting data is ideal for:

re.alto energy trader

Energy Trader or Grid Operator

  • Navigate the confusing jungle of forecast provider options thanks to simple product descriptions and technical details
  • Switch to the best weather forecast provider to fit your updated portfolio with just a few clicks, saving both time and money
  • Integrate the forecast data in minutes with our straightforward overview of API standards and OpenAPI documentation
re.alto energy trading platform

Power generator (renewables)


  • Effortlessly link wind or irradiation forecasts to production forecasting by accessing providers who can offer you a direct power forecast of your site with your type of installation
  • Explore the available weather data options which offer a long-term view, essential for project bankability and cash flow forecasting
re.alto analytics and forecasting

Analytics, modelling and forecasting

  • Access weather data to fuel algorithms or forecast load and generation behaviour when modelling grid power flows
  • Embed weather forecasts in API format easily into an energy management system or smart device

Why re.alto?

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Enabling Innovation

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re.alto search

Search and Discover

One central hub enabling the easy discovery and integration of energy-related API products.

re.alto integration

Easy Integration

Browse documentation, test APIs, and copy code snippets. Manage all of your subscriptions from one central place.

re.alto billing

Simple Billing and Transactions

A monthly invoice sent to the billing method of your choice.

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Reporting and Analytics

Monitor and manage your API usage in your account portal.