What is re.alto?

re.alto is a marketplace for digital energy products and services, delivered via APIs.

Good data is the foundation of the energy transition, and we are building a platform that brings together providers and users from all sides of the energy economy, to find easy-to-use, standardised energy APIs. 

re.alto enables companies to capture, organise and share data and services easily, quickly and securely.  Innovators can make better products.  Businesses can make smarter decisions.  End-users get better products. With the right data it is easy to make smarter energy decisions.

By connecting and facilitating the exchange of energy data and services, re.alto makes it easier for companies to create value.

Manage all APIs from one place

With control of usage, a good overview, and ability to track your data, re.alto enables you to save considerable time and resource.

Monetise your APIs with a few clicks

Manage your API pricing, monitoring, invoicing, and pay-out process all in one place.

Market access and visibility

Promote or discover new data sources and digital services on our the re.alto marketplace.


re.alto uses state of the art cloud technology and provides the highest level of security.

User consent and management

re.alto provides businesses and individuals alike the ability to monitor, set permissions, and regulate access to their data & services.


re.alto lowers costs significantly by providing one central place for the exchange of data and services: One place, via one consent and permissions process, with one standardised structure.


re.alto connects all stakeholders together in one place, meaning no more complex contracts between siloed parties.


re.alto  will provide an open and transparent platform where users can rate and offer feedback regarding data or service quality.

Useable by all

Our aim is to create a platform that is accessible and easy to use for all.