Frequently Asked Questions.

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I am interested in becoming a provider or user. How can I register?

You can join re.alto in the following ways:

Register online at: Register

Contact us here: Contact

Schedule a demo here: Get a Demo

What is re.alto?

re.alto is a marketplace for digital energy products and services, delivered via APIs.

You can register as a Provider or a User.

As a Provider your digital products, via APIs are uploaded to the re.alto marketplace where Users can search for and subscribe to use your product(s).

Can I transfer my existing product subscriptions to re.alto?  

Yes. If you want to have one central module to manage all your subscriptions, you can transfer your existing subscription to re.alto. Please contact us at Contact Us, so we can arrange the setup for you and your product provider.  

How can I change my profile settings, for example email address or password?

Changes can be made on the your Profile page, for any requests that are not covered by the platform, please reach out to us at: Contact Us

How do I make changes to my APIs/Products?

During the beta, a limited number of fields will be editable. These are accessible through our portal via the individual APIs settings page. For changes to fields which are not editable, or for any technical changes, please get in touch with us at: Contact Us

How do I call an API using my subscription token?

Follow the guidelines outlined within the specific API’s documentation regarding endpoints and parameters.

For authentication/authorisation all requests made to a specific API must include the subscription token in the header. The header key must be “Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key” with the value being the subscription token. 

As a User, I have a requirement for an API I cannot find on the Marketplace

If you have a requirment for additional APIs not visible on the marketplace please contact us at:  Contact Us

How can I invoice my clients?

re.alto  will take manage  all of the billing and settlement. You will receive a monthly credit note/self bill as a provider for all your sales on the re.alto.  

Why do I have to upload a licence for users to access my product?

It is necessary to provide users of your data with a set of Terms and Conditions. We recommend that you use the  our standard template, which is based on the European Open Data Licence. You can find a copy of it here (introduce link). If you have a question or a specific requirement please contact us via Contact Us. 


Do I need to change my product licence?

Yes, you most likely will have to change some parts of your standard product licence. For instance, users will no longer be reaching out to your base URL directly, but connect to your service via re.alto’s gateway. Or billing and payment will pass through re.alto, so you don’t have to worry about this anymore.  

If you have any questions related to the compatibility of your terms & conditions with the functionality of re.alto, please contact us via Contact Us. 


Which API formats are supported?

Our platform is compatible with webbased (HTTP), ideally REST, APIs. SOAP is also supported.  We currently do not support message queues or other binary formats  

How do I subscribe to an API?

Browse/search for an API you would like to connect to. On the details page you will be able to submit a subscription request. Once the request is received, you will be asked to sign the API provider’s legal terms and pricing terms (if applicable). Once the API provider accepts your subscription request you will receive a subscription token and be able to use the API. 

What can I do if I do not yet have an API but want to provide my data?

Our consulting team is happy to help you. Please reach out to us via:  Contact Us

Alternatively, schedule a demo where our team can give you a virtual tour of re.alto and answer any questions you may have: Get a Demo

Is re.alto a reseller of digital products?

No, re.alto is not a reseller of digital products.  

Each product provider lists his specific terms and conditions, as well as the applicable pricing, for the use of the product. The commercial agreement is between the provider and user.  

As a provider can I control access to my data?

Yes. An advantage of the re.alto approach, you as a data provider, will need to give approval for any user requesting access to your data.  

What is an API ?

 “Application Programming Interface” or API is an interface that connects different components, for example applications with data from hardware or user interface. In building applications, an API simplifies programming by  abstracting the underlying implementation and only exposing objects or actions the developer requires.  

I do not have a standard price for my product. Can I just list my product without a price indication?

To list your APIs/data on re.alto it is necessary to provide a price.   If our current pricing module does not offer what you need, please contact us via Contact Us.

What if a user does not comply to my product terms and conditions?

Reach out to us via Contact Us. We will revoke the access of the user to your product. In the future, you’ll be able to manage this online in the portal directly.  

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