Enrich your energy monitoring solution with European wide energy monitoring data

Leveraging new data sources allows you to expand the range of energy monitoring services you provide to your customers, adding value and maximising engagement. For both residential and commercial energy management systems, data-driven insight enables more accurate monitoring, greater cost efficiencies and an intelligent approach to decision-making.  

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Top APIs

Energy monitoring data is ideal for:

re.alto energy monitor provider

Energy Monitor Provider

  • Add value for your clients by offering services such as solar panel benchmarking, energy market prices or IoT sensor connectivity on your monitoring platform 
  • Integrate multiple high quality data products from secure sources through one API gateway 
  • Avoid expensive reseller contracts by contractually linking your customers directly to the data source provider  
re.alto energy trader

Industrial Consumers and Facility Managers

  • Integrate market pricing information with existing data from your monitoring platform for more informed operational decisions  
  • Reduce your integration costs by going directly to the data source, not through an IT provider 
re.alto choose API

Home Owners

  • Integrate solar forecasting with your home energy management system to monitor the performance of your solar panels 
  • Keep up to date with energy prices and tariffs to capitalise on the best times to charge your EV 
  • Get the best out of your energy management system by incorporating reliable consistent data sources from one platform 

Why re.alto?

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Enabling Innovation

Create innovative data-driven products, make smarter decisions, and gain value from digital services.

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One central hub enabling the easy discovery and integration of energy-related API products.

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Easy Integration

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Simple Billing and Transactions

A monthly invoice sent to the billing method of your choice.

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Reporting and Analytics

Monitor and manage your API usage in your account portal.